Roof Inspections

What is a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector? A HAAG certified Roof Inspector is an individual who has been certified by HAAG Engineering, a Forensic Engineering Firm. HAAG Engineering was founded in 1924 by Walter G. HAAG. Today, they are the premiere Forensic Engineering Firm specializing in storm damage to all roofing applications. Thanks to my training with HAAG engineering, I am qualified to determine the cause and origin of a roof system failure. There are numerous factors that can cause a roofing system to fail, ranging from: manufacturing defects, improper installation, mechanical damage, and catastrophic weather events. HAAG Certified Inspectors are not beginners in the field. They are adjusters, estimators, home inspectors, roofing contractors, consultants, and other industry pros who have fine-tuned their inspection skills to find damage where it exists. HAAG Certified Inspectors are tested professionals who possess the resources to assess the damage with confidence.

Why would I want a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector to inspect my roof?

After a catastrophic weather event, everybody with a pickup truck and ladder are suddenly expert roofers. This leads to discrepancies and disputes between the insurance company and contractor. The problem is often the contractor and sometimes the insurance adjuster have never been properly trained in recognizing hail or wind damage to roofing systems. This leaves you, the homeowner, confused and frustrated not knowing what to do, or who to believe. When these disputes go far enough, the insurance company will pay for a forensic engineer to inspect your roof. At this point, the process has been long and drawn out causing you unwanted stress and wasting everybody's time. Calling a reputable company with HAAG Certified Roof Inspectors will alleviate much of the stress associated with this process. The HAAG Certification is recognized by all Insurance companies which instantly gives my assessment credibility and validity. As a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector, I am held to a higher level integrity. If there are reports of me giving unethical roof inspections, my certification will be revoked.